For the upcoming period (2017-2021) the Faculty of Economics, Energy and Management Science (FEEMS) has four aims:

  • To further develop, enhance and innovate our research-driven Degree Programmes.
  • To strengthen the output of our disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research and increase external research finding.
  • To strengthen our research and Degree programmes through societal engagement and corporate relationships.
  • To develop into an international school in terms of Degree programmes, research, student body, staff, partners and overall atmosphere.

To realize these aims we will intensify our efforts to attract, sustain and develop our staff since the quality and well-being of our staff determine our success. the leading theme in our strategy is to enduringly enhance the quality of staff, teaching, research and societal value. FEEMS will focus on quality, rather than on quantity. this relates to students, Degree programmes, staff and publications: we aim for better students, better Degree programmes, better staff members and better publications in the next sections, we will set out which strategies and actions are being developed and implemented to reealise the aforementioned aims. these strategies and actions are in line with the strategic plan of Makerere University Business School (MUBS). FEEMS’s strategics plan is also a direct response to the recommendations by the National Council for Higher Education and also based on our own internal and external analyses.