FEEMS aims to maintain and even further increase the reputation, societal impact and international visibility of its research.

The research will be integrated in all department which consist of three interrelated units

  • The first comprises of six research progarmmes covering the academic field of Economics, Energy and Operation Research
  • The second units is the graduate school, including the Research Master Degree programmes and PhD Programmes
  • The third unit is FEEMS Applied Research, serve as a support office for all Faculty publication, which disseminate academic knowledge to stakeholders and international academic academic community.

Strategic goals of Research

  • Further strengthen the top-level of our research, leading to enhanced international visibility and recognition in the academic community
  • Continuous improvement in teaching
  • Stimulate multi-disciplinary research initiatives in the Faculty
  • Increase external findings of research projects
  • Improve the placement of PhD students
  • Improve the dissemination of research results
  • Increase our international network.

Quality indicators research

  • The number of top publications: we aim for an increase to 80 in 2020
  • Increase external funding; we want to achieve an increase of 15% in external funding in 2020
  • The number of external visitor; we facilitate at least 2 visiting scholarship per year
  • Placement; we will actively track the career of our graduate and undergraduate students
  • Visibility of recognition; we will actively track the recognition for research conducted at FEEMS