Management science department emerged from the programme of bachelor of commerce offered by the Faculty of commerce. number of courses were taught on the mentioned programme that gave rise to management science department with significant shift from operations management to quantitative method II where the emphasis was on operation research. in mid-1980, the focus was elements of production management and operations management, however, in 2000, Boston introduced the concept of total quality management. this focus was on total quality management models to improve the performance of processes. due to growing operational research needs, complexities of dynamic demand of service operations and efficient decision making with high precision, the department of management science was formed in 2006 as an independent service unit under the faculty of computing and management science in MUBS

The department was formed to spearhead teaching research method, decision analysis, forecasting, natural science, lean management, scheduling, game theory , applied research, operation research, applied mathematics, statistics engineering etc.

The department currently house Bachelor of business Statistics, though the department is in the process of starting the Master of Science operations research and Bachelor of Science management science

Though this department in the process of stating

  • Master of Science operations research
  • Bachelor of Science Management Science.

Mandate of the department

  • The department aim at skilling university students in the field of industrial engineering, oil and gas extraction management, data mining, decision analysis forecasting, natural science etc.
  • The department is mandated to public awareness, commercial training and professional teaching and stimulating applied research innovation in the field of airlines, manufacturing companies, and service organization
  • The department performs the functional role of theory building and modelling in area of economics, industrial and petroleum engineering, physical science, bio statistics business and management and other fields.


To benchmark and the leading department for scientific innovation and practical academic excellence in east Africa and beyond.


To provide commercial training, innovation teaching, transformation learning, applied research and quality service responsive to needs of practitioners in business, community and government agencies at both national and international level


  • Customer focus
  • Team work
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Applied operation research based department


Skilling university students through innovative teaching, commercial training, transformation learning and research innovations