Our research-driven degree programmes aim to enable students to be active and committed learners, informed by the outcomes of various evaluations and assessment, FEEMS will further improve its Degree programmes in the coming years, by defining the programme profiles and the international and professional orientation as well as increasing our engagement with local and wider society. a comprehensive evaluation of all our undergraduate and Master’s programmes will give specific direction to choices and improvement at programme level as well as portfolio level.

Strategic goals of teaching

  • Sustain and strengthen educational quality
  • Offer a more distinct range of degree programmes
  • Develop a more innovative learning environment
  • Strengthen the professional preparation and employability of our students.
  • Engage with society and corporate world by offering executive programmes that reflect our expertise in disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research.

Quality indicators education

  • Quality; by 2022, our degree programmes will be highly valued by our students (>75% A rating on course unit and lecturers), 85% of our alumni state that they advise other people to enroll at FEEMS
  • Qualification of staff: 85% of staff members are NCHE certified
  • Innovation; by 2020 the professor of Energy Economics will have developed and maintained a network academic staff members from members from all our department.
  • Professional preparation: our degree programmes score highly on the embedding employability project
  • Executive education: in 2020 four new executive programmes will have been launched, offered highly valued by its students after being developed and tested in 2017