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Choosing a degree in Energy , Economics or Management Science

Sustainable economic growth and development is an outcome of the economy’s potential resources and their efficient utilization. besides the conventional factors of production, energy and environmental security has emerged as the primary issue on the global economic development agenda. consensus has recently been forged on the potential for long-term economic,national security and societal damage from insecure energy supplies and environmental catastrophe,a s well as the intense need for technological advances that can provide low-polluting and secure energy sources. in terms of linkages, the energy supply chain, right from extraction, procurement, transportation and inventory to storage and acre of the wide range of materials requires by both upstream and downstream operations. this warrants investment in the economy’s human capital and development of the sufficient skills and expertise to match these development needs. the  Faculty of Economics Energy and management science (FEEMS), MUBS is borne to develop and provide capacity in the disciplines of Economics, Energy and Management science through research and training.

At FEEMS, we do our outmost to ensure that our students feel welcome and are given the best possible services and guidance throughout their studies

Our strategy is to further strengthen the top-level of our research, leading to enhanced international visibility and recognition in the academic community