We aim to increase the visibility of our position in and on society through employable graduates and through disciplinary, interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary research that contribute to Economics and business environment as well as to society as a whole. therefore FEEMS seeks to interact with local and global partners in society and the corporate world in order to connect research and teaching, staff and students with societal issues and challenges. during recent years FEEMS has set up a support organization for societal and corporate connections. this organization develops and maintains a regional, national and internationally diversified network of reputable partners in the public and private sectors. during the coming years we will strengthen and develop our societal position by strengthening our network and sustaining an organization that support our teaching and research.

Strategic goals of outreach, corporate connections and societal impact

  • Strengthen intra and extra-curricular attention for the corporate world in FEEMS degree programmes
  • Strengthen the research cooperation between corporate partners and FEEMS
  • Further develop a regional, national and internationally diversified societally engaged and high-quality network of reputable partners in the corporate world.

Quality indicators corporate connections and societal impact

  • Professional orientation/career services: by 2020 degree students will get professional orientation/career services
  • Internship: in 2020 70% of the degree students will be satisfied with the possibilities for internships within and outside their degree programmes
  • Corporate partnership model: in 2020 FEEMS will have developed and implemented a strategic model for corporate partnerships, resulting in long- term agreements for cooperation with a limited number of key partners.
  • Corporate partners interface: in 2020 FEEMS will have its interface for corporate partners in place, through accessible web portals for career services Centre of expertise and executive education.
  • Customer relations management: in 2020, FEEMS will have its customer relations management processes in place and have fully implemented a CRM system to attract and sustain the main corporate connections.