Economics is a social science that studies all aspects of human behavior and social interaction. The traditional focus of economics is on the study of labor, investment, production, consumption, money, trade, and tax and government expenditure. modern economics has extended its focus to also analyse seemingly non-economic aspects of life such as energy, crime, law, family, health, culture, psychology, and evolution. economics lies at the heart of the modern and dynamic business and economic development given its critical role both in business success and effective policy decision making particularly in the current globalize environment. hence the increasing demands for specialists with knowledge, expertise in economics and related fields within public and private organization/institutions. therefore the operationalization of the Department of Economics in Makerere University Business School is both timely and appropriate to meet such demand growth

like other departments in MUBS, the core activities of the Department of economics are to; train through lectures, carrying research, publishing and disseminating research output, contribute to economic policy debate, and perform other tasks in all matters relating to curricular and educational polices subject to the approval of the relevant organs in the school

In this context, the department of Economics will offer a range of undergraduate and post graduate degree courses in Economics theory and policy practice application.