Short terms goals

  • Create, equip and operationalize Economics Department
  • Teach, train and graduate students in economics discipline on regular basis
  • Develop research committees aimed at producing guided and monitored economics policy research output for publication and dissemination to different stakeholders
  • Regularly review courses to meet current labor market and stakeholders demand
  • Quarterly organize economic forum and community outreach program or need basis.
  • Organize pedagogical training for staff every semester to enhance lecturer’s skills.

Long term goals

  • Expand and upgrade the department of economics into the faculty in the area o economics for examples through the introduction of new bachelor, masters and PhD programmes in rural and agricultural development
  • Strengthen capacity of the economics department through recruitment of new staff and staff development/training process on master and PhD study programmes attained and supported from MUBS and /or elsewhere.
  • Expand and strengthen the networks and collaborations with university, research institutions and organization in Uganda and beyond.
  • Encourage staff to enroll for professional programmes
  • Ensure that economics forum is developed into a self-sustaining fully-fledged Centre.
  • Regularly review and customize courses to meet current and future demands of stakeholders
  • Achieving this goals will enable the department of Economics realize schools and its mission and vision of developing and providing high quality training in Economics Discipline?

Main functions